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Our memberships fallow the calendar year.  Our Regular Memberships is Husband & Wife, Couple or Adult 16 years and older.  An our Jr. Membership for kids 15 years and under. 

Membership Form


• Members in good standing are allowed to use the Rifle/Pistol range at any time during permitted hours unless the range
has been posted "closed" for special events.

• Active Military Personnel on leave may use the clubs ranges without membership and do not need to be accompanied by an active member. You are required to have your credentials and leave pass on your person.

• Members are allowed to escort one non-member. (guest/companion) on club property and the guest may use the rifle/pistol range only while accompanied by the member.

• Visitors and guests are allowed to participate in trap and sporting clays, or any other scheduled event where a fee is charged and paid per event, while the club is open.

• Annual club membership is from January 1st through December 31st. Memberships will not be pro-rated.

• Members should have their membership card on their person and be prepared to present it, along with picture ID, when asked to do so.

• Any member may be expelled from the club, have their membership revoked, and be brought before the board of directors for: Destruction of club property (by any means); Poor Sportsmanship; Unbecoming Conduct; Violation
of Club Regulations; or Any Action Considered by the Board of Directors to be Detrimental to the Welfare of the Delton Sportsman's Club.

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